Office, EG-CEE Consult

EG-CEE Consult is located in Austria, which always has been a hub for business in Eastern European countries, especially in the last decades.

The competence you can expect from EG-CEE Consult is based on 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union.

Learning the business from scratch in the eighties of the last century, Gerhard Eder started as a junior manager for logistics, but quickly went on to being the responsible Marketing & Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, later General Manager Ebewe Pharma Russia, subsequently Marketing & Sales Director for Russia, CIS and Romania for Grünenthal Pharma, later General Manager of Grünenthal Russia. He made his dream come true in 2011 and established his own company to offer you expertise and partnership.

Besides fostering wide-ranging business contacts, Gerhard Eder fluently speaks Slavonic languages (graduated Master of Slavonic Studies, University of Salzburg). His language skills make conducting business in the ex-Soviet Union significantly more effective than this would otherwise be the case.

Established partnerships with international consultancies allow EG-CEE Consult to link business from Europe, South America and Asia to business in Eastern Europe.



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