The core target of EG-CEE Consult is to achieve sustainable success for our clients in Eastern European and CIS countries. We shall be at your disposal to create new markets for your company and products and to intensify your presence in this region, backed by more than two decades of experience in the successful management of businesses in the markets of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

EG-CEE Consult was founded in 2011 by Gerhard Eder, after 22 years of experience in leading positions in Eastern Europe at multinational pharmaceutical companies. Working in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union as a General Manager, he gained a comprehensive network of contacts and knowledge of the specific rules that can govern business in these countries.

Building up new business structures in Eastern Europe and CIS countries is the main competence of EG-CEE Consult.

Your entrepreneurship combined with the experience of EG-CEE Consult will ensure an effective growth for your company in Eastern Europe and CIS countries



EG-CEE Consult